Historical Data - Apartments

Data through the Third Quarter of 2021

Overview and Summary


Sales of 90 apartments in the Third quarter were up compared with both 3Q20 and 2Q21.  Average sales prices were up for prewar walkup coops, and mostly lower for the other apartment types.  Year to date, sales rose by almost 76% yet average sales prices were flat to down for all four categories. 






  • This report covers the 11372 zip code only, comprising Jackson Heights and its Historic District
  • Data is sourced from the New York City Department of Finance’s Rolling Sales Update
  • Within the Rolling Sales Update, numerous transactions are listed with a closing price of $0. These transactions are not included in this analysis
  • There are some inconsistencies and errors in the Rolling Sales Updates that were analyzed.  Transactions where closing prices were significantly below prevailing market prices were excluded from this analysis.


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